Why Donate


We believe that in the world, just like in a symphony orchestra, 

harmony can be achieved when everyone's voice is properly heard 

and everyone contributes their very best.

We believe that we must celebrate, respect, and appreciate one another,

 not only for our similarities but for our differences. 

We are making this world ONE WORLD, 

through the beautiful language of music.

Help us by supporting us with your tax-deductible donation!


OneWorld Financial Needs

Your tax-deductible contribution helps sponsor:

  • Scholarships for musicians from underserved communities
  • Professional coaching for musicians
  • Honoraria for lecturers and world class musicians to perform with OneWorld
  • Rental of rehearsal space
  • Sheet music rental and purchase
  • Concert hall rental
  • Rental of chairs for the orchestra for public concerts
  • Meals for musicians
  • Accommodations for international guests
  • Buses for transportation